Our club has been founded with the intention to support the flourishing of the Erasmus University and her alumni, by fostering, strengthening and maintaining reciprocal relationships. The board ensures these goals are pursued consistently and effectively.  Board members meet every two months to oversee the strategy and its progress. A couple of board members partake in the daily board, which keeps an eye on strategy execution. 

Like to become a member of the board?

Are you enthusiastic because of one of our events or because of people you’ve met, or do you have an interesting idea? If you would like to do something to support the Erasmus University and the Erasmus Alumni Club in their growth, you may be able to do so as member of the board. Please communicate your interest to or to current board members. (Positions of board members are voluntary and members receive no financial compensation for their work.)   

Members of the Board 

Willem Jan Rote, President 

Willem Jan brings many years of international leadership experience to the Erasmus Alumni Club. After receiving his master diploma in Business Economics in 1988 he worked for Unilever and later on for Pepsico. He gained experience as a leader in different aspects of business in Europe, North-America and Asia. As an entrepreneur he oversaw companies of differing sizes and these days he’s striving to bring innovation to the market for consumer goods. 

Daniël E. Sikkens, Vice president 

There are several organisations that place their trust in Daniël, including the Erasmus Alumni Club and foundations that preserve art and other items of historical significance. He graduated as Master of Law in 1979 and is now legal intermediary and owner of his consultancy practice. He has extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, career counseling and more. 

“Education is essential, so [the Erasmus Alumni Club is] for, by and with students and alumni.” 

Laura van Luipen, Secretary 

After successfully finishing her Masters in Law in 1999, Laura worked for more than 20 years as a lawyer and specialised in labor law. As owner and lawyer at Van Luipen Legal she supports clients with her engagement, her clarity and her practical orientation. 

“To me, the Erasmus Alumni Club is a network of conviviality and calibre.” 

Erik Teichert, President Young Erasmus Circle 

Erik studied Economics and Business Economics and received his Masters diploma in Health Economics in 2017. He worked for IG&H as Health Consultant and Analyst and occupied a number of board positions. Erik was quaestor for S.S.R.-Rotterdam, co-founder and treasurer of the ‘Rotterdam Studentenstad’ foundation and he has been the treasurer for chess club ‘De Stormpionnen’ in Leiden since its inception in 2009.