Erasmus Trust Fund foundation & Erasmus Alumni Fonds


The history of the Erasmus University Rotterdam begins with a growing awareness of the importance and power of science. In the century the university has existed the value of science grounded in thorough research and good education has naught but increased. To maintain the position of a globally-renowned center for research and education, however, financial support is required. The government does support the university, but companies and alumni can make meaningful contributions through the two general funds.

The Erasmus Trust Fund Foundation (previously the Erasmus Trust Fund Association) builds relationships with potential partnering companies to collect funds for the university. With this support, the university is able to excel and make a positive impact on Rotterdam and society in general. The Erasmus Trust Fund allows those for whom access to academic courses isn’t the standard to gain entrance to this kind of education still. Furthermore the fund helps scientists to carry their research to a higher level, by facilitating longitudinal and multidisciplinary research. The Erasmus Trust Fund is an ANBI organisation, serving the greater good, with a history spanning more than a century.

The Erasmus Alumni Club (EAC) has its own titled fund within the Erasmus Trust Fund: The Erasmus Alumni Fund. With this fund, its members can now also make individual donations. Currently the club is comprised of some 2500 members who wish to stay involved with their Alma Mater. If membership growth allows, part of the yearly contribution can be donated to the university.

The two funds support world class scientific research and more accessible education, for a better future for all.

Would you like to know more about the projects that the Erasmus Trust Fund supports, and the impact made? Click here to visit the website.

If you wish to donate you can do so on this page (the page is in Dutch, but you can click the red button, select the amount you wish to donate and fill in the form). You may also call them with the number provided on their website.