Boxing Coach | Personal Development Workshop | Young Alumni

Emotions aren’t just in your head; they happen in your body. And if they aren’t fully processed, they can get stuck there. Getting these unstuck can take a lot of inner work – but perhaps you can also punch them out. On the 1st of June, Cor ‘the Boxing Coach’ will help you get emotions unstuck and also move forward in your life.

This will be an exciting workshop for young alumni that’s challenging both physically and mentally. By combining martial arts with life coaching, asking you questions while having you hit the boxing pad he holds up, Cor helps you reach your core and bring up your inner knowledge. In a physical way, you will learn to break through some barriers that are holding you back. Through this active alternative for mindfulness you will remove stress from your body and mind, punch out frustrations, and take a step forward.

About Cor

Cor van Drieberge is fluent in body language. Since beginning with martial arts in 2004, Cor has acquired an experiential understanding of the body. Because of his willingness and ability to help others in his study move forwards in their careers and personal lives, he was given the nickname ‘Cor the Coach’, and he decided to develop himself in that direction.

With his understanding of the human body as a base, he later became a coach that put both mind and body centre stage. Over the years, Cor has expanded his field of expertise. He is a coach for personal effectiveness, for teambuilding, for entrepreneurs and for brain training. His specialty, however, remains a combination of coaching and martial arts; bringing the best out of people while engaging them both physically and mentally. He uses techniques from boxing, karate and capoeira, as well as brain-related techniques from NLP to effectively help people overcome fears, mental blocks and procrastination. That’s what makes Cor ‘The Boxing Coach.’

The location

This event will be held with a great view, in front of Hotel New York.

After the workshop there will be a social drink at Kaapse Brouwers.